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Teaching Intern Kenya, Wikondiek, Teaching Abroad, Head of the Hyena, Life in rural Kenya, Rural Education, African Education

Head of the Hyena
Volume 3
by Cameron Dick

Head of the Hyena is the stirring account of a young man’s life-altering experience teaching in the isolated community of Wikondiek. He is joined there by Sabina, a beautiful and strong-willed young woman who is offered a position in the village despite never having applied for it. Their host is Phoebe Asiyo, the sole female elder among the Luo tribe. The daughter of a backcountry preacher, she defied a hostile government to become one of the first female MPs in Kenya, going on to entertain Barack Obama when he visited Luo-Nyanza as a U.S. senator.

In Volume 3 of the series, Cameron reaches a crossroads. He may have found his footing in the classroom, but the legacies of previous interns and European settlers continue to influence local perception of him. To escape the subtle intrigue of village life, Cameron seeks solace in fresh encounters on the road. On the white sand beaches of Mombasa, a drunken colonialist raves about the past. A young boy from a neighbouring village leads him to a pond that is home to the devil. When an outspoken newcomer arrives in Wikondiek and decides to stay, he and Sabina at last find a reason to put their differences aside.

Filled with unforgettable characters and ambitious in its scope, Head of the Hyena is more than a travel memoir – it is the witty and compelling meditation of a young man of the West grappling with how the past spills into the present to define our identity across generations.

Cameron Dick is the author of Head of the Hyena, a three-volume series that details his experience in the rural Kenyan village of Wikondiek during the spring of 2012. He spent a semester studying abroad at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and went on to graduate from York University with a B.A. (Hons) in English and a minor in anthropology. Having whetted his appetite for adventure in Australia and Kenya, he has since managed to get stranded in the Highlands of Iceland during a blizzard and canoed the Yukon River from Whitehorse to Dawson City. He lives in Kingston, Ontario.


Cameron Dick

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