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Depression, Self-help, Symptoms, Signs of depression, Coping tools, Self-analysis, Mental health help

The Everyday Journey
From Depression to Light
by Brenda Donahue

This book is written for people who are depressed and their families. Depression is defined and the author has located how it works with each of the five aspects of a human being: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual.

The reader is presented with a measure that locates the areas affected by depression and given tools to increase his or her energy.

The book teaches through story and lyric poetry that helps the reader move from the heavy darkness of depression to the lightness of freedom.

Ms. Donahue is a retired Jungian Analyst, and was in practice for over thirty years. This book is her gift to those people suffering from depression and their families. All proceeds from this book will be given to the Southwest Indian Foundation.


Brenda Donahue

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