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  • The Everyday Journey

    From Depression to Light by

    This book is written for people who are depressed and their families. Depression is defined and the author has located how it works with each of the five aspects of a human being: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual. The reader is ...

  • The Truth About Suicide


    Take an enticing and raw look into the reality of mental health illnesses and the care system put in place. Follow a young woman on her adventure to finding her self. Full of emotion and personal experience. Showing an in depth look to mental health ...

  • Integrative Medicine for Depression

    A Breakthrough Treatment Plan that Eliminates Depression Naturally by

    Integrative Medicine for Depression A disease that has long plagued humankind, depression is debilitating. Despite the frequency with which they’re prescribed, drugs alone don’t always provide relief, and often have side effects that limit ...

  • C.M.C. The Unseen

    If you truly want to see as if you were blind take one look at the unseen by

    In a world full of madness I had no choice so I adapted. I simply fell into the darkness but now in here I'm accepted. I was once confined to a black state of mind and tied to the demons which now I embrace. My mind is so dark it can't be corrupted. ...