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Eastern mysticism, Religion, Self-realization, Reincarnation, Karma, Astrology, Inspirational

Man to God
Truth or Fiction
by Fassan Ramsaran

What is death? What is the ultimate purpose of life? These are questions that have always perplexed humankind. The ancient wisdom on the subject has always been dense, esoteric, and cloaked in secrecy—available to a select few. A spiritual quest can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack because there’s very little literature that puts it all together. But here, at last, is a compact and digestible summary of main ideas. In a completely accessible, highly readable guide to self-realization, author Fassan Ramsaran has created a clear and colorful roadmap of the many paths to truth.

Lively, expressive, and reader friendly, Man to God is a digest of Eastern and Judeo-Christian thought that illustrates how different roads can lead to the same place. Man to God is an exploration of man's relationship to his Maker. It asks if there really is a divine Creator and if so, why do people feel so estranged? With answers backed by thoughts from the great spiritual texts, Man to God is a journey that builds momentum with each succeeding chapter, leading to a deep truth that will be a gift and a revelation to its readers.

"The book is a welcome addition to the canon of East meets West spiritual dialogues that combine thoughtful meditations on spiritual questions with memoirs. 

An engaging and novel approach to spiritual universalism."

- Kirkus Reviews

Despite a lifetime of spiritual reading and quest, never did author Fassan Ramsaran imagine that he might write a book about it, until one night a revelation came to him like a shooting star from the sky. By the next morning, Man to God had been fully outlined as if an unseen hand was at play. Fassan spent most of his career in the scientific arena and is now retired. He meditates daily, plays guitar, belongs to a spiritual organization, and is hard at work on his next book—a novel.


Fassan Ramsaran

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