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The Naughty Princesses
by Claire-Ly Lee

The day the twin princesses disappeared without a trace, their nannies were blamed. Secretly their stepmother, Elvora (the present queen of the land), couldn’t be more pleased. She’s the one who arranged an accident to befall the young princesses, and she hoped never to hear from them again. Yet a clue was left behind: the missing rowboat.

Though the twins Mintana and Terriana were princesses, they longed just like other children to have a normal and happy life with friends and a school of their own choosing and parents that paid attention to them.

So when the rowboat swept them away and over the waterfall, their opportunity arrived. But can the girls keep their identities secret in their adopted family and new town? Will they be able to hide from their evil stepmother long enough to live the life of their dreams? Will they ever discover what happened to the first queen, their mom?

A modern fairy tale for young and old. The Naughty Princesses pursue happiness, acceptance, and the freedom to be who they are

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Claire-Ly Lee is a retired elementary school teacher from Australia who loves to make up stories for her students. Many of Ms. Lee’s stories help children who could identify with certain personalities in the characters. The Naughty Princesses is the first installment being published at the enthusiastic requests of parents and students alike.

Claire-Ly Lee lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada with her husband. They share a loving family of three children, their spouses, and six grandchildren.


Claire-Ly Lee

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