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by Marianne Moessner Chen

Who is Iso Masih?? Ihu Karaiti?? Yexus Khetos?? With forty-one names for Jesus Christ woven into her poem, the author has written a stunningly unique biography of the Savior, beginning before creation and concluding with His eternal glory. The action involved in the events of his life builds excitement, suspense, wonder, and worship...the various names emphasize his amazing atonement for every culture worldwide … his love for people of every language … his compassion that overrides condemnation …his forgiveness for all who put their faith in Him. Betsy George, PhD Salvation is an epic prose poem about the life, mission and fulfillment of the historical and biblical Jesus Christ. This book is meant for those who question faith in God. It is a concise presentation of the Bible, The Lord Jesus Christ – the coming Messiah in the Old Testament, the presented Messiah in the New Testament, and Second Person of the Trinity, the eternal YHWH (The Great I Am Who I Am with no beginning and no ending) throughout the scriptures. Jesus said, “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” (John 8:39KJV) Different themes in the poem are accompanied with interpretive images from various artistic styles. The art mediums used were oils, Sharpie, pencil, colored pencils, chalk pastels, digital, photography, crackle paste, palette knife and magic marker. A special thankyou to Tracy Chen for his rendering of Jesus Christ Savior (with important touches from Emmi Chen), which appears on the front cover. The three reference sections boast of: 1. Jesus Christ’s name in 40 languages and the countries where they are spoken, 2. Bible references for each of the poem’s stanzas, and 3. other recommended reading material. The 40+ names of Jesus Christ and the variety of art styles help bust out the sides of every proverbial box. Christ’s resurrection triumph over sin, death and Satan makes Him accessible for all and by all, no matter the culture or nationality.

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Marianne Moessner Chen has been inspired to write ever since she read the classic story, Heidi, in elementary school. After reading The Iliad and The Odyssey in high school, she wanted to write an epic poem. Writing Salvation fulfilled that desire. She is currently working on a fairytale, learning to work with Hebrew couplets, and researching topics for screenplays. Marianne has used poetry writing to study and meditate on Bible passages along with drawing images using colored pencil. Isaiah 53 and He Must Reign, which are in the book, are two examples. Salvation, the poem, came from quiet times with Jesus at His direction. She knew it was to be made into a book after the poem was finished. Marianne Moessner Chen is married and has four wonderful children, one beautiful daughter-in-love, and two outstanding grandchildren. She graduated from University of Nebraska, Lincoln, majoring in East Asian Studies, an Integrative Studies Program, and continued for one year at the University of Illinois, Champaign, switching to Teaching English as a Second Language her second semester.


Marianne Moessner Chen
Emmi Chen

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