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  • Salvation


    Who is Iso Masih?? Ihu Karaiti?? Yexus Khetos?? With forty-one names for Jesus Christ woven into her poem, the author has written a stunningly unique biography of the Savior, beginning before creation and concluding with His eternal glory. The ...

  • Who Jesus Is

    The Seed of Abraham is Christ the Church by

    This bible study is written for a educational, research and scholarly purpose to inform the public for the public’s good. The text is sparingly illustrated with relevant images from public domain. The project has a limited non-profit use and is ...

  • Jesus is Israel

    The Seed of Abraham is Christ the Church by

    Grounded in the Word of God and the events of history, JanEgil Gulbrandsen’s latest books, Who Jesus Is and Jesus Is Israel, challenge the traditional Evangelical and dispensationalist understanding of eschatology and the person of Jesus Christ ...