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Autobiography, Family history, Immigration to Canada, Britain in World War II, Marriage and family, Theatre, World travel

The Runt of the Litter
Or Memories of a Lad from London by Gerald Andrew and Ann Lindum

The inspiring memoir of Gerald Andrew, who was born into a life of unrelenting hardship in the tough East End of London in 1928 and went on to achieve great success as a world-travelling business executive and loving family man. Poorly educated due to World War II and the traumatic events of the Blitz, Gerry was determined to be behind a desk and not in front of one by the age of thirty.

Throughout his career he journeyed around the globe, from India to Australia to Canada, meeting fascinating and influential people, including attending two royal banquets. An avid sportsman, Gerry also played cricket, golf, and soccer to a high level. He has a passion for musical theatre and was involved in countless productions as an actor, stage manager, and makeup artist, and today, even in his nineties, he continues to nurture his creative spirit.

Ann Lindum has worked as a teacher and barrister. She has degrees in history and law, and her hobbies include travel, dance, architecture, and choral music. She spent three and a half years interviewing Gerald Andrew for this memoir, researching his family and using his archive of documents to shape the story of his life. She lives in Southwestern Ontario.


Gerald Andrew
Ann Lindum

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