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Western, Bounty hunter, Scavengers, Dystopia, Apocalypse, Trust, Loyalty

by Zack Redman

This Western-meets-post-apocalyptic novel asks the question: what would you do for the ones you hold the closest? How many lines would you be willing to blur for them?

Leana tells three stories, all of them set in the small town of Leana, Wyoming, in a world devastated by climate change: of an outlaw sent by his charismatic leader to kill his former gang members; a man travelling with his companion, a young girl, across a menacing landscape; and a man who survives by scavenging burnt-out houses for valuables to sell who makes the unexpected find of a baby. All the tales explore the theme of relationships, and the extraordinary value they hold for each of us.

Zack Redman is a lifelong singer/ songwriter who lives a quiet life on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. "If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes."


Zack Redman

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