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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Mishaps, Beginner readers, Children’s picture book, Birthday, Being special, Humour, Happiness

The Accidental Mime
by Jenna Shamata

Gigi is a little girl who dreams of being special. She’d love to be a ballerina like her mother, but she just isn’t able to keep her feet going in the right direction. She wants to make her mother’s birthday as special as possible so she orders a cake. Just as she leaves the bakery she trips and falls. The cake is ruined. Gigi runs home with it anyway but has one mishap after another. But, as she learns, she can make people laugh and make the ordinary into something quite extraordinary!

This humorous children’s picture book is sure to delight pre-readers and early readers as well as all those who read to them.

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Jenna is a writer and comedy performer currently living in Toronto where she spends her days working on puzzles and tripping over her own feet. Jenna has a BAH in Stage and Screen Studies from Queen’s University and is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory program. She currently teaches improv to kids and works regularly as a nanny. She has also been an active volunteer with Camp Oochigeas for over 7 years and believes that humour and silliness is a very special and healing thing. Just like Gigi, Jenna falls down a lot, but truly believes that the best things happen when you get back up!


Jenna Shamata
Sakshi Mangal

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