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Mother’s love, Concert pianist, Growing up, Music, Mother and son, Letting go, Family musicians

Max Magee
by Railin Morgan

“Play for me, young Max Magee,

Just one before you go . . .”

In this touching, melodic book, a mother reminisces on her son’s life as a pianist. As a child, he practices before running out to play, and as he ages, he inherits his father’s grand piano. As a young man, his devotion to music grows, and he eventually becomes a concert pianist. Although adored by his audience, Max Magee knows his most cherished fan remains his mother, and through his music he is able to express his love for her. Max Magee offers the poignant experience of a mother’s love: encouraging, celebrating, and, ultimately, letting go.

Accompanied by Carol Timmers’ vibrant oil paintings and narrated by the celebrated Canadian performer Dinah Christie, Max Magee features music written and performed by Andrew Burgess, produced and recorded by Justin Burgess. Music and narration can be accessed at

Railin Morgan’s childhood was filled with piano music, as her parents owned a piano tuning and repair shop. The memory of her great-Uncle Max Magee inspired the main character of this book, and her experience as a mother provided emotional resonance. She is the mother of two grown sons, and lives on an acreage in rural Manitoba with her husband and their dogs, Sophie and Chilli.


Railin Morgan
Carol Timmers
Contribution by
Dinah Christie

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