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  • Max Magee


    “Play for me, young Max Magee, Just one before you go . . .” In this touching, melodic book, a mother reminisces on her son’s life as a pianist. As a child, he practices before running out to play, and as he ages, he inherits his father’s grand ...

  • The Silence of Nellie


    What magic has brought me to this! To fill a blank piece of paper with the words and music of my Life. I have always been a performer: musicals, plays, and harp and voice programs. My husband was a wonderful actor from Dublin, Ireland. I have two ...

  • The Piano Mouse


    Milly Mouse’s life changes forever when she hears music being played on an old piano. It’s love at first sound! But what will happen when the piano is taken away? The Piano Mouse is a heart-warming story of a small brown field mouse who makes ...

  • Ken Ora and the Orchestra


    Ken Ora was a boat who always wanted to be a musician. One day, his dream came true. The events in this story were inspired by an actual event.