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Work with Seniors, Helping professions, Social work, Social work students, Workplace humour, Coping mechanism, Work with Children

Mr. Spinney and the Egg Shells
and other social work stories
by Janet Knowles

Thoughtful. Raw. Candid. These are Janet Knowles’s reflections on her career as a social worker (spoiler alert: it’s not like the movies). Whether you are working in the field yourself, a student, or simply exploring different career options, this book will allow you to peer behind the curtain and see what a job in social work really looks like.

Abuse. Reconciliation. Trauma. These stories are not for the faint of heart . . . but then, neither is a career in social work. Even in the most horrific situations, some of which are recounted within this book, social workers must find a way to cope and carry on. Janet shares from her own experiences with matter-of-fact (and at times, brutal) honesty, well-imbued with humour and advice for the next generation of social workers.

Janet Knowles graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1984 and a Bachelor of Social Work degree in 1986. After working for more than thirty years in the social work field (ten of which she spent as a supervisor), she has seen, heard, and learned a lot that she believes will benefit the next generation of healthcare workers.

Janet lives in rural New Brunswick. This is her first book.


Janet Knowles

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