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Life After Psychosis
A Self Help Guide to Getting Your Life Back on Track After Enduring Psychosis
by Peter Melnyk

Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder together affect 65 million people worldwide. A first-hand account, Life After Psychosis will help those who have survived psychosis, their families, and mental health professionals better understand psychotic illness and how one can recover.

All aspects of life with a psychotic illness are addressed, including:

• Medication

• Financial issues

• Work

• Relationships

• Stigma

It is possible to enjoy life after psychosis. Understanding, knowledge, professional help, and support during and after recovery will help those who suffer from a psychotic illness and aid them on their journey to wellness. This book provides hope, encouragement, and a companion on that journey.

Peter Melnyk has suffered two psychotic episodes, and is currently well and enjoying life. He has published another memoir titled Bipolar Cossack about traveling to Ukraine during his first psychotic episode. Melnyk lives in Toronto with his girlfriend.


Peter Melnyk

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