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capybaras, Toronto, High Park Zoo, escaped capybaras, rodents, zoo animals, animal survival

Runaway Rodents
The Untold Story of Toronto’s Infamous Capybaras
by Dagmara Bociek

Two capybaras are delivered to the Toronto High Park Zoo. When an opportunity to escape comes up, they take it! This sets off a frenzy across the city, with some Torontonians cheering the renegades on, and others plotting their downfall.

Follow the adventures of these giant rodents as they meet new animals and try new things. You’ll meet Muck the movie-loving chipmunk, Ed the stealthy coyote and a trio of clever raccoons, all intent on protecting the capybaras. Together, the crew outsmart trackers and zoo workers and become good friends in the process.

You’ll laugh and be amazed when you find out what two capybaras and a park full of animals can do with thirty-six days of freedom!

Dagmara Bociek is an animal lover and an adventurer. She is a mother and a high school science teacher. She enjoys listening to stories on the radio while driving to work, one of which inspired this book. She cheered on the capybaras when this true story took place in Toronto in 2016. Dagmara lives with her family in Scarborough, Ontario.


Dagmara Bociek
Dominika Burek

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