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Mom, If You Don't Like Spiders, Don't Even! cover

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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Books about spiders, Children who like spiders, Mother’s arachnophobia, Spiders’ legs, Spiders’ eggs, Spiders’ nests, Learning about spiders

Mom, If You Don't Like Spiders, Don't Even!
by J. Ryan James

This is a book about the best thing ever, spiders! If you don't like spiders you won't like this book, you might even think this book shouldn't be read, looked at, kept in the library or on a bookshelf! This book is not for you! It is a book for people big or small that love spiders! If you love spiders this small story will delight you! SPIDERS ARE AWESOME! But if you don't think so, don't even turn the page!

J. Ryan James photo

Ryan James loves spiders and kids! He has loved reading to his children, and loves stories that captivate their young minds and imaginations! This short poem and story incorporate all his favorite elements of stories that are still with him many years after they were read to him. Ryan loves the way that kids look at the world living things and spiders have always had a fascination with pure dread and curiosity! He remembers the fear of a beloved Aunt that lost it completely when he played with a toy spider on her kitchen floor! That served as part inspiration for this story!

Hope you enjoy!


J. Ryan James

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