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Cancer survivor’s memoir, Cancer self-help, Cancer and depression, Positive thinking, Health self-help, Ageing self-help, Life management skills

Never Give Up
12 Ways to Have an Outstanding Life by Tom Shindruk

In this book you will read about living to a ripe old age that was wrought with Cancer, Death of a son, facing everyday day challenges and coming out cheerful and happy and healthy in the end.

Living a life filled with joy, happiness and good health is what we all want. In this book I want to let you know that you can find ways to find satisfaction from your efforts , have energy and a positive attitude in spite of daily challenges.

Beating Cancer three times, working in executive positions, owning a business, volunteering, having a successful marriage and still enjoying excellent health and vitality into my 80s, is what you too can achieve.

The message I want to leave with you in this book are

Do all you are required and then a little bit more.

Do something for someone and don’t expect anything in return.


• Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Facilitator, Class Room Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Author.

• Three time Cancer survivor, at age 84 still has four part time jobs and volunteers with five different organizations.

• Considered to be a expert in the food industry, in particular in the Fresh Produce

Industry and Food Service sector.

• Married to Sonja for 64 years, father of three children – Richard (Deceased)

Randal (Kim), Tracy (Daryl) Grandfather to Matthew, Step grandfather to Tori and Brock

• Maintains good health through regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

• Always keeping a good positive attitude and sharing and giving to others.

• Having a strong faith in GOD.


Tom Shindruk

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