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Erotica, Erotic poetry, Erotic short stories, Relationships, Sexual awakening, Sexual conquests, LGBTQ sex

Erotic Poems and Short Stories
by Anita Brooks

Plunging deeper into the depths of her hidden pleasure. Again and again he purrs, wanting only to please her for the stars in the sky.

Get ready for the love experience of your life! Fantasy and eroticism written in descriptive poetry, sexy stories with tantalizing imagination. Irrespective of relationship, gender, or sexual orientation, love is love and it’s one hell of a ride!

Drag queens getting ready for an evening on the town. A couple playing out their darkest sexual fantasy. A threesome that’s ready to rock. Brooks doesn’t shy away from the deep eroticism of her subject matter, but she’s here to talk about more than just love: AIDS, sexual violence, male dominance and the cleaver manipulation of love scammers. This book has it all wrapped up in a clear sense of purpose, to bring these issues to the forefront and break down cultural prejudices and bigotry.

Brooks’ main focus is erotic tension and to dive deep into the human condition, to find out what it means to be human…the good and the evil.

Anita Brooks is a Canadian writer, poet, musician, music teacher and painter. She published the book, How to Complain in 12 Easy Steps in 2012. She knew she wanted her next project to have an erotic focus with a collection of poems and short stories and she wanted it to have a strong moral purpose. Consequently, she decided to cover issues of real importance, all while maintaining a high level of eroticism. Brooks believes that poetry is an ideal means of expression because it’s abstract and can relate experiences to readers in a profound way.

Anita Brooks lives in Toronto, Canada, with her son. Follow her blog on


Anita Brooks

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