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Autobiography, spiritual awareness, spirit guide, soul evolution, earthly journey, Laurie, abused child

Subtle Whispers
To An Innocent Child
by Laura James

-Did we design our physical life with our Creator before we arrived?

-Is the physical experience designed as a school of learning to evolve our souls?

-Do we have help from the spiritual side as we make our journey?

-Does free will interfere with the blueprint we designed?

-How do other souls impact our journey?

-Is the balance of being connected to both sides important?

-Are we all Spiritual Warriors in a battle to align the Physical Self with the Spiritual Self?

Through this memoir, Subtle Whispers: To an Innocent Child chronicles the childhood and adolescence of a girl born into a dysfunctional existence - divorce, abandonment, physical and psychological abuse, and despair. While young Laurie navigates a lonely and confusing physical journey, her soul learns to connect to the spiritual side, giving her hope and guidance for survival.

“Subtle Whispers: To an Innocent Child” is the first book to a trilogy of my memoirs set out in twenty-year spans. “Subtle Whispers: To a Young Adult” and Subtle Whispers: To a Mature Adult” will follow. Book 2 and 3 of this trilogy will not stand-alone but I will re-cap the previous book in order to bring the reader up to speed in relating to the characters once again and understanding my mindset based on my life experiences at that particular point in time. I will continue with my life, embarking on a military career, marrying several times, having a child and trying to create a meaningful existence. As I continue to evolve, the parallels from the Spiritual World will enlighten readers once again as to my experiences and what my soul is learning or needs to learn.


Laura James

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