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P.G. Wodehouse, humorous detective, humorous mystery, British detectives, English mystery, fictional sleuth, tales of suspense.

Three on a Match
by Jill Shakley

In this charming homage to all the pleasures of P. G. Wodehouse, author Jill Shakley tells of Bertie Wooster, whose admiration of his favourite fictional sleuth Archie Goodwin delivers the reader to a host of colourful characters.

In the story’s central thread, Wooster does a good turn for his cousin Freddie Threepwood by following Threepwood’s father, Lord Emsworth, in pursuit of a mystery’s answers. In his quest, Wooster meets a puzzling array of strangers whose identities and motives he must unravel, however bizarre. It is the valet Jeeves who steals the show in the end, though the happy ending is very much a group effort.

Wodehouse fans will find much to enjoy in Three on a Match, a rollicking yarn that emulates the distinct style of this famed English author, who was himself fond of detective fiction and the novels of Rex Stout.

Since she was a child, Jill Shakley has venerated P. G. Wodehouse’s craftsmanship and genius, and has read his work extensively. She is also very fond of vintage detective fiction. She has an MA from the University of Toronto and has spent over forty years in health care. She lives in Toronto with her artist husband and three cats.


Jill Shakley

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