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Pioneers Alberta, History Canada West, Fiction History Canada, Cochrane Alberta, Mitford Alberta, Lady Adela Rous Cochrane, Historic Entrepreneurs

The Last Best West
Never Look Back
by Shannon Bradley Green

It was the 1880's, a time of great excitement in the world: Canada had opened the west.

The Last Best West transports us to the private world of the aristocrat Lady Adela Cochrane, daughter of the 2nd Earl of Stradbroke and her husband, Thomas Cochrane. She couldn’t be more different than Alice Bradley, British immigrant from the working class, and her husband eastern Canadian Billie Bradley, who were seeking relief from the economic downturn of their day.

The Last Best West brings themes of upstairs, downstairs British life to western Canada. Lady Adela and Thomas were completely unprepared to build the town of Mitford and create businesses from the opportunities awaiting them. Alice and Billie suffered the extreme capriciousness of the harsh life offered to them as pioneers.

Connect with the resiliency, courage and excitement lived by these two couples as they find out what life is like in The Last Best West.

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Shannon Bradley Green, is a natural story teller with a deep interest in local history. Shannon lives in rural Alberta, outside the town of Cochrane.

The Last Best West - Never Look Back is her first published work of fiction.


Shannon Bradley Green

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