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humorous memoir, California, employment office, karma, strong women, office politics, helping others

Not Suitable for Government Work
by Judy McQuay

Reluctantly she went armed only with Snake Oil, Magic Employment Fairy Dust, Flim Flam and Razzle Dazzle...

We proudly present,

Not Suitable for Government Work.

As Told to Murgatroyd.

The true Memoirs of a Superhero, dressed in her secret invisible Government Job Agent suit, she did it her own way. Beating out the mighty EDD computer system, putting over 10,000 job applicants to work in her time as a lowest level State Government Employee.

Buy the book and read the true story of the Improbable, you will laugh, you will cry, you will be outraged, you will be amazed, you will be glad you bought the book.

Judy McQuay is one of the most delightful, interesting, funny, insightful people I have ever met in my life. She writes the same way. Her humor and fantastic memory are sure to get her audience laughing (and sometimes crying). As a co-worker at the Employment Development Department here in California I saw first-hand the miracles she, and only she, could perform. Her people skills are phenomenal, her passion for helping people is unbeatable, and her fearless connections and contacts seemed always to be at her beck and call. She was the Queen of Hires! Yes, she is an exceptional woman with talent and a heart to back it up. I adore her.

—Judy Peterson, “The Other Judy”

Judy McQuay photo

Now an 80 year old widow, Judy McQuay has had 50 great years of marriage. She has four children, nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. She now lives in the Mojave Desert of Southern California with her oldest daughter four dogs and four cats. Raising babies in the early years, a short stint as a barmaid, a store department manager, a selling artist with three businesses based on her art and a job agent for the State of California Employment Development Department. An avid reader, she is self-educated with a passion for anthropology and a love of all of mankind. After retirement she traveled the West with her retired truck-driving husband Gary and their dog Cody for 5 years, small town by small town, in their RV Judy is not a trained writer, not a trained artist for that matter but has had some success in art, and her writing has been well received. Her hobbies are very difficult cryptic crosswords, painting and now writing. But mostly she is enjoying the hell out of life, her friends, her family, her critters. She loves her life, it has been a hoot! Judy's motto, "Nothing is impossible"


Judy McQuay

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