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Adoption, Foster care, Family estrangement, Murder mystery, Ensemble cast, Family drama, African-American

The Throwaways
by Angel Ayers


While investigating the murder of a popular, small town family man, many secrets are unearthed about William Valentino's past that could have led to his death. As Detectives Scott and Miller, of Morris Hills Police Department, begin piecing together stories of his past, they learn that every suspect they have, including his own family, have a reason to want him dead.

The detectives are quickly in over their heads when several more murders take place, including orphans at an adoption event and a police officer in the otherwise quiet town.

This suspense thriller will keep you on your toes and have you wondering, are these murders connected? Who was William Valentino, really? And what on earth did he "throwaway?"

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Anita Ayers-Robinson is a small town wife and mother who has always enjoyed reading fiction novels. A high school graduate who fell into the everyday hustle and bustle of life, writing a fiction novel of her own was only a wild fantasy. After going into early retirement at age 39 due to a chronic illness, but not yet ready for her life to be over, she decided to bring her dream to life. Without really knowing what she was doing, or how far she could get, she just sat down at her laptop and began writing. This is her very first novel.


Angel Ayers

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