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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Children, Vegetables, Pesticides, Bees, Honeybees, Friendship, Saving the bees

The Garden Crew Go to School
by Carolyn Harris

The Garden Crew are back!

In this new adventure, the Garden Crew are met with a new challenge: Save the Honeybees.

The Garden Crew discover that farmers are using pesticides to kill their weeds. Farmer Luke explains that pesticides are poison to the honeybees. Oh, NO! What will happen to their dearest friend Ellie and all the other honeybees?

As Patty says about the honeybees, "Our honeybees are vital, It's important what they do, They pollinate our gardens, Without them, we'd be through."

So the Garden Crew make a plan... and in order to succeed, they must learn to read and write. Not an easy task if you're a watermelon or a banana.

Find out what happens when they go to school and meet the biggest meanest, purple-est bully they have ever seen.

Oh No!

What will the Garden Crew do?

Do the Garden Crew survive? Does the Bully change his ways?

Let's hope so!

Read this latest adventure about the Garden Crew, Once again, each small character shows kindness and courage .... even when confronted by a nasty bully. Children reading this story will hopefully learn about protecting our environment and working together for the greater good!

CAROLYN HARRIS is the author of "The Garden Crew" series. Once again, Carolyn has turned her interest to the environment. This time, the Garden Crew become aware that Honeybees are in danger. What can the Garden Crew do?

Carolyn hopes this story will help children realize the importance of protecting our beautiful Earth ...protecting the air and water. the plants and trees, and all the wonderful animals that share our planet.

As for the bullies out there ....perhaps they CAN change. Patty says, "Eggplant, you can change yourself, It's your choice in the end, You can be a PURPLE BULLY, Or you can be our PURPLE FRIEND.

Perhaps, Patty is right?


Carolyn Harris

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