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Sexual abuse, Recovery, Autobiography, Unconditional love, Love story, Cancer, Healing

Rape of Innocence
The Long Journey Home
by Leland Page

Is it possible to stop the generational cycle of sexual abuse? The story between the pages of this book proves that the answer is “yes”. In Rape of Innocence, Leland Page unflinchingly explores the sexual abuse that he experienced at the hands of his mother, its devastating effects that resulted in addictions and a downward spiral, and how he in turn continued this cycle of abuse with his daughter.

Yet juxtaposed to a dark account of his childhood and young adulthood, amazingly, is a tale of light and hope. In a beautiful tribute to the woman who taught him how to love others and himself, Leland shares how his life was saved by the love of another. For with this love came healing and a journey to rekindle a healthy relationship with both the woman who abused him and the daughter he abused.

Ultimately, this true story is about the power of unconditional love and forgiveness; if this is something you don’t believe in…you will by the time you finish this book.

Leland Page was born and raised in a small town in the West Kootenays of British Columbia. After years of wandering, including moving around Western Canada and travelling abroad as a professional dance teacher, he returned to live there. At present, he works as a retail professional for a major grocery chain and has been busy over the last two years with creating, organizing, and executing a successful annual charity event for the Oncology Department of his hometown hospital.

Words have always played an important role in Leland’s life. A poet since his childhood, Leland’s accomplishments as a writer include creating a children’s story featuring a fictional character (Mesome) that was named a goodwill ambassador for British Columbia and developing a successful adult cartoon book to raise funds for the BC SPCA. Continuing to use his talent with words to impact lives, Leland decided to share the story of his own incredible life journey in order to inspire those who have been damaged in life and/or given up on love. He says, “I pray that my journey will shed a little light onto yours and restore hope that the broken can be unbroken and that love can heal all wounds.”


Leland Page

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