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Archie the Inchworm that Wasn't cover

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Target Audience:
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Self-identity, Christmas, Santa Claus, Insects, Metric system, Canada, Friendship

Archie the Inchworm that Wasn't
by Carla Boyce

Archie the Inchworm That Wasn’t is about a young inchworm, from a small fishing village in Port Elgin, New Brunswick, who discovers that he was much smaller than his inchworm friends. Feeling like an outcast, he ventured out into the world to discover his real identity.

Archie’s journey took him across Canada to Alberta where he met his new best friend, Jean-Paul, a blackfly from Quebec, who was heading to the North Pole to deliver their Christmas list. Archie flew with him as Jean-Paul assured him that Santa would solve all his problems.

Santa had no difficulty identifying Archie as the first centimeter worm in all of Canada. This was the first year of the Canadian metric conversion which was a problem for Santa as all the toys were measured in inches. A very proud Archie re-measured all the toys in centimeters and with the help of Santa’s elves, saved Christmas.

About the Author

Carla Boyce, author of Archie the Inchworm That Wasn’t, wrote her children’s story during the Canadian metric conversion when she was 41 years old. This, Carla’s first published book, is a surprise Christmas gift to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She is now 88 years old and lives on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

About the Illustrator

Irene Stevenson has 40 years experience as an Illustrator, graphic designer, painter and sculpture in Vancouver and Fraser Valley, British Columbia. She made Archie the Inchworm That Wasn’t come to life and in doing so became quite attached to his character.


Carla Boyce
Irene Stevenson

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