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Inspirational poetry, Meditative poems, Spiritual poetry, Prayer poems, Poems of gratitude, Thankfulness poems, Poems to creator

Our Words
by Dana Barrette

Our Words is eighty-two poems that speak of the beauty of creation and our place in the heart of it. Amidst the rush of everyday living it can be hard to find peace; Our Words offers the reader a place to do so, a haven where they can feel the beauty of “solid oak roots woven in earth” and be woven, themselves, back into the rhythms of moon, tides, seasons, and sunrises. Throughout the volume, Barrette reminds us that “We are one.” Our Words is a treasure trove for anyone who wishes to begin their day with gentleness and walk through it with a sense of wonderment and appreciation.


Pause, there it is, the moment, pure energy, blissful light, joy

One divine mind, our Creator, our Love

All possible, from this moment, aligned. All flows.

Dana Barrette is a first-time author. Written over a period of 18 months, Our Words emerged as an expression of deep personal gratitude and a desire to share with others. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her two young children and her spouse.


Dana Barrette

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