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Leadership, Employee training, Improved morale, Improved cooperation, Customer service, Organizational goals, Leadership and trust

On the Shoulders of Leaders
A Leadership Pocket Guide
by James Fantauzzo

Dr. James Fantauzzo offers you many realistic and practical applications to implement effective and successful leadership. The challenge we now face is to make leadership an essential part of out corporate culture. The information contained in this book is rich with realistic ideas and approaches for clear judgement, selecting the right leadership behavior and will capture the true essence of leadership. On the Shoulders of Leaders is a team centered leadership book and can be a resource for anyone in a position of authority. The case studies referenced within embrace the real world of work and will prove to be invaluable and an extremely useful tool for the 21st Century managers at all levels. No book is able to teach everything about the importance of leadership. However, On the Shoulders of Leaders is an excellent place to start!

“Dear Dr. Fantauzzo,

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the dedication you have showed to the educational program here at Heritage Christian Home.

Your sincerity and wisdom is felt immediately by the participants in the class. You speak from the heart with passion and commitment and that is irreplaceable. Our class participants love the level in which you involve them in the class. It keeps them inspired and energized.

I also appreciate the dedication that you continually show after the class time. Making yourself available for questions and comments and keeping your contact between seminars."

—Marisa E. Geitner, Organizational Development Heritage Christian Home, Inc."

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Dr. James Fantauzzo, President of Creative Training Solutions, is one of America’s most dynamic Management Consultants and Human Resources experts.

For the past twenty-five years Dr. Fantauzzo has provided professional services for the health care, manufacturing, and hospitality industries, in addition to academia. As a consultant, trainer, speaker, and author, Dr. Fantauzzo has helped companies overcome organizational performance concerns in areas related to training and development, team building, employee relations, customer service, and leadership. Jim has received national recognition as a speaker and presenter of seminars and workshops. He has earned the reputation of helping companies solve their employee organizational concerns. He is also a member of the Christian Coaches Network and the National Speakers Association.

In addition to serving various industries, he has taught at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels for several universities, including Barry University and Alfred University for many years. Dr. Fantauzzo continues to devote his time and energy to assisting organizations and their people to improve their leadership capabilities.


James Fantauzzo

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