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Surviving addiction, Surviving satanic ritual abuse, Finding meaning, Indigenous outlook, Growing old, Coping with abuse, Spiritual connection

welcome to my world
by gary Trudel

Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my thoughts.

Welcome to my visions.

So begins Welcome to my world, poems that navigate the author’s search for “the stars, the moon, the ultimate tune,” alongside his road to healing from satanic abuse and drug addiction. Whilst some poems speak of suffering, others are full of joy—celebrating survival, the act of writing, and the sacred connection to Mother Earth, the Four Directions, and to the Creator. An act of prayer and acceptance, they are also an invitation to find humor and enjoy the present moment.

Watching the junkie make the play

moving and grooving

the shuck and jive

live a life of constant strife.

Thinking, downtown style.

No desire for the game

doing it clean and serene.

Still thinking, downtown style

moving and grooving

living and loving

thinking, downtown style

freedom, downtown style

living it clean and serene

all the way, downtown style.

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Gary Trudel, otherwise known as garbagecangary, has performed his poems for public audiences. His hope is that the poems in this book will reach those who have suffered trauma, those who are seeking answers around questions of value and purpose, and those who are simply facing the realities of getting older. Welcome to my world is his first published book of poetry.

He lives in Edmonton, Alberta.


gary Trudel

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