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Obesity, Overfat syndrome, Obesity prevention and treatment, Weight loss, Microbiome, Diet and exercise, Dr. Kenneth Petruk

The Modern Plague of Obesity
A Holistic Guide to Challenge the Major Health Threat of the 21st Century
by Kenneth C Petruk

Overweight and obesity have steadily engulfed the entire globe, neither discriminating by age, race, sex, socio-economic status, or country.

The rapidly expanding waist lines of the world’s populations have sparked a lethal fuse of spiraling illness, mass chronic disease, and shortened lifespan, an epidemic wildfire that is consuming every generation with increasing speed—even the unborn.

And while being overweight is still popularly viewed as an issue of personal attractiveness and failed willpower, a more sinister truth is now, finally, being brought to light: that the misunderstanding and mismanagement of this growing health problem by the healthcare, scientific, regulatory, agricultural, education, marketing, and food and beverage industries have allowed “globesity” to become one of the most serious pandemics of the twenty-first century.

Modern Plague of Obesity is one of the most all-encompassing, rigorously researched, evidence-based, and forward-thinking reference resources available to the public on this major health issue. Dr. Kenneth C. Petruk casts a glaring floodlight on the causes and casualties of obesity and related diseases, demystifying the complex interplay of chemical, biological, neurological, behavioural, societal, governmental, and environmental processes that has escalated this problem into a deadly health threat of plague-like proportions.

More importantly, Dr. Petruk proposes ground-breaking suggestions and futuristic multidisciplinary solutions that finally break away from the reductionist weight-loss treatments that have failed us so far, offering us an urgent way out of this deadly maelstrom that is silently sapping the future of humankind.

"Congratulations on the completion of this thoroughly insightful and rigorously research manuscript! While obesity is a hot button issue, rarely can one find such a vast compendium of information in one resource that so successfully weaves together all of the many seemingly disparate threads of causes and casualties of this complex topic. Breaking away from typical reductionist approaches that have, thus far, illuminated only fragmented insights into the problem of obesity, "the modern plague of obesity" casts a glaring floodlight on the entirety of this topic, contextualizing it within a holistic scientific panorama that spans from the biological to the social. This rare wide-shot presentation of obesity - that simultaneously exposes both the microscopic and the macro-scale processes that are complicit in its proliferation - successfully exposes it as both a symptom and a root cause of many of the leading morbidities that affect modern populations. A complete-picture understanding of obesity is critical for health-related professionals, policy makers, food industry leaders and the general public to have in order to fuel appropriate, practical, and collaborative initiatives that can begin to curb this threat to global human vitality. This manuscript is a magnificent accomplishment - Well done, Dr. Petruk!"

—Michelle Schiffman, M.Sc., FriesenPress Editor

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Kenneth C Petruk, MD, PhD, FRCSC is emeritus professor of Neurosurgery, past Director of Clinical Neurosciences, U. of Alberta and award-winning researcher and humanist. He is currently involved in brain tumour research, nutrition science & exercise physiology studies & resides in Edmonton with his beloved wife Jackie. He has dedicated over fifty years to improving the medical field and the lives of countless patients, earning him the Leonard Tow Humanism Award (2011) and the Researcher of the Year Award (2014). Specializing in molecular biology and neuro-oncology, he has first-hand insight into the vital importance of prudent lifestyle behaviours and their impact on the prevention of various diseases associated with obesity.


Kenneth C Petruk
Sabrina Eng
Jackie Petruk

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