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  • Obesity

    Does it Need a Self-Balanced Lifestyle? by

    What contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle? Often linked to decreased physical activity and lack of healthy choices in diet, The Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Community Health Survey Data, as well as Canadian Health Measures Survey...

  • The Ultimate Thyroid Book

    Your Answer to Feeling Great, Repairing Hashimoto's, Fatigue, Hair Loss, Depression, Infertility and More! by

    Estimates suggest that close to 20 percent of the population in the United States suffers from some sort of thyroid imbalance—that’s close to sixty million people! Thyroid issues often go undetected as people get treated for seemingly separate...

  • Without a Manual

    The reflections of a woman in her forties determined to live her fullest life, while facing terminal illness by

    In 2009, after being diagnosed with Erdheim-Chester Disease, a rare, life-ending illness, author Sandy Trunzer began a blog, with the simple intention of keeping friends updated on her health. Over time, and with feedback from an ever-increasing...

  • The Modern Plague of Obesity

    A Holistic Guide to Challenge the Major Health Threat of the 21st Century by

    Overweight and obesity have steadily engulfed the entire globe, neither discriminating by age, race, sex, socio-economic status, or country. The rapidly expanding waist lines of the world’s populations have sparked a lethal fuse of spiraling...