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If It Had Not Been So... cover

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Memoir, History, Zimbabwe, Genocide, Family, Asylum, Ethnic hatred

If It Had Not Been So...
by Thabiso Songo-Ncube


In this book I talk about the life and experiences that shaped my character from adolescent age to adulthood. There are tragedies that I faced and there were happy times too. The experiences I went through whether good or bad, I had a faithful trustworthy invisible omnipotent and omnipresent friend who made sure I was protected all the time. Death came so close in many instances, but I believe He was there to extinguish all the flaming arrows heading my way. He made me sleep through and slip away from danger. In the darkest hours, he made sure I was safe from tripping or stumbling upon deadly traps and snares of death. Thank you, mama, for teaching me about the invisible faithful one. I will forever live by His principles and will pass them on to your grand children.

I am the seventh and last child born alive after a stillbirth of a sixth child in a little town of Plumtree, Bulilimamangwe in Matebeleland South, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Our parents were Elizabeth and William Songo. We were told that we had a brother who was their first child but was poisoned and killed at the age of two by a neighbor who was jealous of his looks. I was born in November 30th, 1973, but my birth year was changed on my certificate in 1981 to 1974 after being denied starting school in 1980 due to my below average stature at the time. My birth was a surprise and very difficult to my parents, as they never thought they would have another child.


Thabiso Songo-Ncube

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