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abuse, poetry, childhood abuse, poems, memory, suffering, aftermath of abuse

The Loss Of Innocence
by Anna

The Loss of Innocence is a book of poetry written by a child, who is a separate and distinct part of the adult. She prefers to be called Anna. She has no voice; her pain, fear, sadness, and loneliness have been buried inside for over fifty years. The Loss of Innocence is extremely personal and difficult for the author to share. Only through the use of poetry is she able to speak and put those feelings into words. This book allows others to share a glimpse inside the soul of the author and to feel what her everyday life is truly like. Hopefully, this will help others who share a similar loss.

"Anna’s intimate poetry collection The Loss of Innocence is full of personal turmoil, reflection, and salvation.

The semi-anonymity of the book’s authorship is critical to understanding its blunt and honest poems. They express feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, isolation, and depression, charting frustrating attempts to pierce the dark shroud that encloses their narrator. The entries probe childhood experiences and the lingering effects of abuse, their focus sharp. Some poems suggest other topics, such as mental illness, but the underlying theme is a unified one, of overcoming obstacles....

That struggle is palpable; each word hits home, first seeming to convey a mere sliver of emotion, but suggesting the presence of much more underneath.

Thriving on direct, plain-language communication, The Loss of Innocence is a slim but spirited collection whose entries are focused on self-discovery." - Foreword Clarion Reviews

The author is a survivor of childhood abuse. She has an inner child called Anna, who is five years old. The child holds all of the fears, feelings, pain, and sadness that torture a soul who has suffered a tremendous loss in their life. In Anna’s case, it is her loss of innocence, love, and protection. She hides all of her pain behind a smile and pleasant hello. Inside she is crumbling, hoping that no one will notice the cracks she is trying to hide. Growing up, she learned very early in life that people are never to know what happens inside the walls of your home. Outside, everything is to look perfect. Stuff those tears inside; no one is to see them. And don’t ever speak poorly of your parents. On Sunday the family marched to church. They sat in their father’s selected pew, so all the town’s people could see what loving parents they were. Why is it that no one ever noticed the pain and fear in her eyes?



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