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animal friendships, family pets, rescue dogs, reuniting old friends, Aussie and Otis, Welcome Home, Winter Storm

Summer Vacation
by R.P Huttinga

Mrs.B had a surprise for Aussie and Otis. Every year she and Aussie would go on a vacation, but this year it would be Otis’s first time leaving his friendly yard. Aussie wanted a nice quiet place to have a nap, but Otis was always looking for adventure, what could they possibly find this time.

The theme for my series is to allow people fall in love with Aussie and Otis and consider adopting a sled dog. Many people who know what happened to the sled dogs in 2010 are curious to know how the remaining sled dogs adapted to adoption and a new life. In my series I show how a sled dog can change your life, and how we as owners can stand up for these amazing animals. People need to know that these beautiful dogs can be family pets.

As a young child I could remember my parents loading up the camper and making the four hour trip to Sand Banks Provincial Park. The white sand dunes would gently lead to the water, with crashing waves touching the shore. I would always pretend this was the west coast and would play in the water for hours jumping into the waves. Early in the morning I would take my dog and pretend we were pirates looking for treasure together. In the afternoons we would find a quiet place along the river and try our best to catch a large fish. My dog and I had great adventures camping in the summer.


R.P Huttinga

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