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Gnomes, Animals, Conflict, Problem-solving, Compromise, Wasps, Birds

by Hazel Larcombe

The common wasp queen needs a place to build her new nest for next summer. Her current nest, Waspway, is in an apple tree that’s totally cluttered with old wasp nests and has no space left for a nest. Before the end of this summer, she needs to be assured of a new home.

Hedgerow Lane seems just perfect, so she instructs common wasp leader Sergeant Muster to invade it. However, Muster’s unaware of the lengths to which he’s going to have to go to follow her orders.,

Stumbler the gnome and his friends are thrust into a panic when they find out that the wasps want to take control of their Hedgerow Lane home. Then they learn the wasps intend to kill every honeybee in the area and take over Buzzel’s hive in the trunk of a willow tree on Shady Pond too.

Will Reddy the robin redbreast, Corvus the raven, the swallows and house martins, Gracie the greenfinch, Major the great spotted woodpecker, and Stumbler’s interventions save them all from certain death?

"Hazel enjoys writing stories for children. Her imagination stems from reminiscing her childhood, (as Hazel Liford) in Sabie, a small scenically beautiful village, in South Africa.

Hazel has traveled extensively and lived in England for a number of years. She now lives in Victoria, BC Canada. Some parallel to experiences are evident in her fantasy. Walking beside hedgerows and picking blackberries, swimming in tranquil ponds, picking wildflowers, enjoying the beauty of the butterflies in the beautiful English Countryside, picnicking under the willow trees, chasing away common wasps and listening to songbirds, is all a part of this delightful story."

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Hazel Larcombe is an avid reader, she loves to read stories to young children and see their excitement and enjoyment in the plots and pictures.

Hazel is a well-travelled retired widow, an octogenarian, and is blessed with many grand and great-grandchildren. Born in South Africa, she spent her childhood and teens living in a small village in a scenically beautiful environment, where she enjoyed many adventures and shared in all the delights that nature provided. She then lived in England for a number of years, where she enjoyed the wonderful countryside. Having damselflies rest on her shoulder like confetti while she walked beside the hedgerows picking blackberries, and singing along with all the songbirds that live there, was magical. In her imagination, she'd see a gnome dart under the hedgerow ahead of her and would wonder if fairies lived there, too. This is what inspired her to write Stumbler. She now lives in Victoria, BC, Canada.

She had great pleasure for years doing craftwork: making soft sculpture dolls, teddy bears, and other sewing creations for fetes and charities. As she is no longer able to do craftwork, writing is her passion now; she completed a writer's course that benefited her in learning a new kind of craft. In bringing characters to life, she hopes to provide joy to readers of all ages. Her first book, the fantasy The Magic Dumligo, is being republished and is now available.


Hazel Larcombe

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