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Manifesting, Creating abundance, Spirituality, New Thought, Visualization, Law of Attraction, Self help

Manifesting Your Heart's Desire
How to Create a Life of Abundance, Meaning & Joy! by Jude McKinney

There is a world of abundance, meaning and joy all around us, and it’s available to anyone who is open to receive it. The fresh and visionary approach outlined in this book illustrates how easily each of us can do this. Drawing upon the wisdom of the greatest thinkers, writers and spiritual teachers in history, author Jude McKinney explores the states of mind and being that are conducive to attracting abundance in our lives. A celebration of the best of our humanity and a love letter to the infinite beauty of the world, this book reminds us of the tremendous potential we all possess to dream our greatest dreams and to make them come true.

JUDE MCKINNEY is a writer who is passionate about the living transcendence of nature. With a background in natural health, he has a particular interest in the spiritual underpinnings of human potential. Jude was born and raised in eastern Canada and now lives in Ottawa, Ontario.


Jude McKinney

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