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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

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Land of the Dinosaurs
by Shawn Barry Farewell

Adventure Closet was created around two children, Jaime and Ryan who meet Maxamillion, the gatekeeper to a magical gateway. Maxamillion takes the children though space and time, through history all while learning about historical characters, events, myths and legends.

Adventure Closet aims to teach children about kindness, making friends and looking at life with a positive attitude. Every child who picks up this book will have a doorway to their imagination open and enable it to expand in their horizons.

Adventure Closet gives parents an opportunity to interact with their children and create a new adventure night after night with their children while reading these books.

Maxamillion, Jaime and Ryan travel back to the start of time to see Dinosaurs. To make new friends, to do good deeds, and to experience what it would be like living back in the prehistoric era

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Shawn was born 1964 in Montreal and as a child he would create interactive stories with his siblings and friends. Shawn believes that laughter is a key ingredient to the imagination. Throughout his years Shawn would create stories to pass the time to get him through the hardships of life. In 1994 Shawn battled cancer but never gave up his dream of one day creating something beautiful for the children of the world. 10 years later while reading stories to his daughter and son, Shawn came up with an idea of creating an interaction story for his children to be part of. In 2013 his son Ryan suggested to write the books of the stories we would make up at night time in the bedroom. Shawn’s son inspired him to do so and to come up with a name and create a series of books for every child


Shawn Barry Farewell
Nick Welsh

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