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  • My Dad the Dino


    My sister has been telling me some crazy stories about my dad lately, like how she thinks he’s a dinosaur. Can you believe that?! At first, I didn’t believe her. My dad has normal teeth, and he walks like everyone else does. But then she shared ...

  • The Magic Umbrella

    Bratasaurus Vs Tyrannosaurus by

    Kwadan and Jorku would like to invite you to join them under their beautiful magical umbrella and soar to exciting places as they see different things while learning to understand and communicate with each other. Kwadan and his son Jorku are very ...

  • You are the Perfect You


    Tex just wants to find a friend but gains a whole lot more! Tex is a little T-rex with a big heart. After being teased by some of the other young dinosaurs, he wanders off, feeling sad and lonely. When he comes across several dinosaurs in trouble, ...

  • Land of the Dinosaurs


    Adventure Closet was created around two children, Jaime and Ryan who meet Maxamillion, the gatekeeper to a magical gateway. Maxamillion takes the children though space and time, through history all while learning about historical characters, events, ...

  • A Step Out of Time


    Roger and his dad, Steve, had plans to go to see a Diamond Diggers baseball game on a Saturday afternoon in July. Worried that they would be late for the game, Roger moved all the clocks in the house back an hour. Problem was, he also moved the time ...

  • Adventures in the High Meadow

    With Tiac, Eo, and Wooly by

    “Adventures in the High Meadow” tells stories of three friends (a girl, a horse, and a wooly mammoth) as they meet animals and situations present 10,000 years ago. The traits of the animals they meet are demonstrated. In many cases, the three help ...

  • When Dinosaurs go Dancing


    When Dinosaurs go Dancing has everything to delight three to eight year old palaeontologists-from fossils to foxtrot. Where else can you tango with triceratops, minuet with pachycephalosaurus, and then bow to apatosaurus before tap dancing across ...

  • Dinosaurs Of Prenaria


    When two boys stow away on a ship, they embark on a journey to a bizarre island where they discover the secrets behind the disappearance of the dinosaurs. Joey and Zack are in for more perils as the adventure continues in ‘Return to Prenaria.’ ...