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poetry, inspirational poetry, hope and faith, encouragement, love poetry, religion, spirituality

Little Hugs
Encouragement for your Soul
by Raman Mander

My arms are spread wide,

Knowing God is my parachute

Through the adrenaline and unknown...

Full of spirited energy and electrifying emotions, Little Hugs consists of poetry and prose that leaves the reader feeling connected and curious. Raman writes to send little hugs to her readers in her collection by embracing the core concepts that allow the reader to be freed. Little Hugs highlights themes such as affection, suffering, freedom, spirituality, self-love and relationships. Raman shares that little burst of fireworks she feels and hopes to portray through her words. Consider these words little hugs coming together to give you as the reader one big hug.

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Raman Mander is a full time poet and writer. Having graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Raman continues to work as a registered nurse in labour and delivery at a hospital in British Columbia, Canada. Raman enlightens the audience through spoken word poetry and motivational speaking at local cafes. Being raised in a household of twelve, moving to several homes, and being raised in a traditional Indian household-- Raman shares little bursts of fireworks that she has experienced. With a passion for traveling and adventure, Raman is excited to take you on an adventure into your deeper soul.


Raman Mander

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