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Changemakers, Be the change, Change for good, Leading change, Changemaker mindset, Change motivation, Personal growth

Be the Change(maker)
Lessons from Those Who Are & A Catalyst for Those Who Will by Kara Exner

Are you a changemaker?

Many people are drawn to make positive change in the world, but feel daunted by the legends of iconic activists like Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela. By considering how everyday people make a difference in their own communities or workplaces, we can find an approach that is relatable and attainable.

Based on research and interviews with nearly fifty people devoted to making a positive difference, this book explores the mindsets that everyday changemakers have in common: how they perceive themselves, how they relate to others, and how they are oriented to action. Straight forward, accessible, and digestible, this book provides readers with helpful guidance and tips, inspiring words from the changemakers themselves, and reflective questions designed to spur insights and action.

This book offers bright spots, helps new changemakers start small or go big, and encourages stalled changemakers to get their spark back and keep going. Most importantly, it reminds us that everyday people can make an extraordinary difference in the world.

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Kara Exner holds a BA in Psychology and a Master's degree in Adult and Continuing Education. While interviewing nearly fifty successful changemakers, she heard the same themes raised over and over, and decided to document what makes changemakers universally successful. As a leadership coach, she is credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, and has worked with hundreds of people to help them understand how they perceive themselves, how they relate to others, and how they can reach their goals. She lives in Calgary, Canada, with her husband and their two boys.


Kara Exner

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