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mystery woman, mysterious past, learning to trust, escaping your past, escaping abuse, finding love, love and music

The Old Black Curtain
by CJ Paxton

“You reach a point in life when you have to make a change. You don't know if it's going to be good or bad, you just have to follow wherever it leads.”

—Catherine Miller

Michael Murphy never forgot those words.

Michael Murphy had lived most of his life in complete contentment, believing he had attained all he could. But with his life now falling to pieces and the inheritance of a small book shop, his life is beginning to change. When he meets a beautiful young woman with a mysterious past, he is instantly drawn to her, and could never have imagined what life had in store for him next.

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CJ Paxton writes from the heart and for the heart. Her stories illustrates that even the most broken of souls can be mended and find peace.

Originally from Ottawa, Ontario, CJ moved to Victoria, BC with her family in the early 2000s and have lived on the island ever since.

The Old Black Curtain is her second book. Her first, Choices and Consequences was published back in 2017 by Tellwell. A story of love and loss, desire and betrayal, and the discovery of how one’s actions affect the people we love the most.

CJ’s writing reveals her other passion – music. CJ tends to weave her original melodies into her narrative, guiding her characters on their journeys. A recording artist, CJ’s first album Anchor My Soul demonstrates the same heart and soul as her stories.


CJ Paxton

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