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Poetry, Life, Struggles, Relationships, Inspiration, Spirituality, Love

This is Me
by Madelyne Deocareza

Higher description of love that characterizes an authentic upbringing of a wonderful character in gentle teachings and developing a beautiful mindset. Unique individuals that will capture a higher spirituality and take intellectuality in all senses. The book ushers emotions of brokenness, happiness and joy into a direction of virtues. Guidance and statements that will lead a reader in their dreams and wonderings in a purer hope and love. Dreams that are higher far beyond existence. Dreams unreal yet achievable through simple guidance yet strong formats of love and affection. A strong description of someone of great glory. Voice of understanding that is heard and taken into accounts. Personality that is soft but can change situations even in hidden courts. Ideas that knit people together in unity of fun and cleverness. Relationships that are rich in affections, that shelters their emotions and reasons with diplomacy. Engaging attitudes in reality but rich in commands. Attitudes that are sometimes in silence but breaks in different dimensions. Unreal minds that creates greatness concealed yet powerful. The book is a story mostly of wonderings and curiosity demanding of impossible into possibilities. Mindset that radiates others that brings wealth, wisdom and understanding. Above all, a mind that will follow love in brokenness, heartaches, betrayal and so as well in victory.

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Madelyne believes in self reflections to oneself considering where they came from, childhood like, livelihood like, family and circle of friends like. Reflections from others and most especially in one's distinctive values and traits. Madelyne believes in authenticity of words, reading someone's thoughts in various conversations. Trust on words deserving and undeserving. Opinions comes naturally defines genuine characters and attitudes. Madelyne believes in simplicity and elegance. Qualities in delivering yourself, sum up to your mild mannered actions. Integrity on how you carry yourself whether living in a mediocrity but has consistency and living in fullness but trained as one. Madelyne believes in integrity and honor it is an effortless and favourable attention earned from many - known and unknown.


Madelyne Deocareza

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