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Medical trauma, Heart disease, Obesity bias, Inter-relational Communication, Weight and self-esteem, Healthy diet, Personal weight-loss

I Almost Died Last Wednesday
How a Catastrophic Cardiac Event Saved My Life and Might Save Yours
by Steven Sellers

“Would you like to see what a piece of fried chicken looks like after I remove it from your heart?”

These startling words came from a surgeon as 360-pound Sellers lay on an operating table experiencing a catastrophic and life-threatening cardiac event.

It was enough to get his attention—and transform his life.

That day, he came to a sobering realization:

change or die.

In I Almost Died Last Wednesday, Steven Sellers shares with uproarious humor and startling candor the event and the process that helped him shed a hundred pounds (and counting). Readers will learn from his experience:

I Almost DIED Last Wednesday Steven Sellers

• a simple strategy for losing weight (no

gimmicks or high-cost program needed)

• four easy changes to your lifestyle that will

make a BIG difference in your health

• tips for communicating more effectively with

your health-care providers

It’s a quick read with high impact. Read it, apply it, and change the trajectory of your health—and maybe your life.

Steven Sellers has had the privilege of traveling the globe for most of his life. He enjoys results-oriented conversations and meeting people all over the world who live to laugh and do their best to make the world a better place to live. He ascribes to the motto of a famous person who once said, “Live long and prosper.” Steven currently lives in British Columbia, Canada with his amazing wife and two high-maintenance pets.


Steven Sellers

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