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Apples, Orchard, Adam and Eve, John Milton, Original Sin, The Fall, Desire

Apples and Eve
by Sarah Seidman

Part love story, part eulogy, and part practical guide to apple growing, Apples and Eve retells the Adam and Eve story in Genesis from Eve's perspective. Using the orchard as a metaphor for the care and maintenance of a long-term relationship, the story includes extensive information about apple cultivation, orchard management, and the many varieties of apples. Eve addresses Adam, God, Paradise Lost poet John Milton, and apple lovers everywhere, as she eats countless apples and reflects with a mixture of defiance, amusement, and repentance, on the loss of Paradise.

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English teacher, freelance journalist, drama coach, Centered Riding ® instructor, and farmer, Sarah Seidman's work has been published in Vermont and New England newspapers and magazines. She co-authored, with Patty Wiley, Middlesex in the Making: History and Memories of a Small Vermont Town (2006). Her children's book, Mao Tse Turtle, is forthcoming. Reine des Reinette, Wealthy, Cortland, and Duchess apples are among her favorites, as is her husband, the logger and poet Scott Harrower. They live in Middlesex, Vermont.


Sarah Seidman

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