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  • 336 pages
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siblings, family life, troubled childhood, rural upbringing, hard decisions, Azores, Portugal

Little Maggie
by Jack Oliveira

‘Baby Maggie was stolen – straight out of the cradle’

This was not a crime – not in any legal way. Maggie was the fourth child born to Marlies and Josito Otero - in the span of four years and four months. Incredible? But true. One plus years later, Fabiola was born – forcing Baby Maggie out of her crib, to make way.

Family friend Lucinda, found it too harsh on Baby Maggie, and too difficult for Marlies to handle – caring for five children, all under five. Lucinda offered to care for Little Maggie – for just ‘a short while’, until Marlies got back on her feet. So, it was agreed upon and the deed was done.

‘A Short While’ turned into seven years. Maggie now had a whole new family - who were complete strangers to her. It was a turbulent transition - going from a place where she was 'special' to the Otero household - where it was a free-for-all, survival of the fittest, chaotic, loud, and sometimes downright frightening to Maggie, like walking through the very pit of hell. Her only hope was to hang onto the life she knew before.

Based on a true story.

Jack Oliveira photo

Jack Oliveira has lived a lifetime of writing – under the persistent banner of Amateur. Now he is ready to publish his first book – titled, ‘Little Maggie’ – which is based on a true story. He immigrated to Canada with his family in 1966 at the age of nine. He finished high school in Ottawa, spent two years in Art School in Montreal and came third in a ‘Three-Day-Novel-Writing’ contest in Calgary. The cover of this book was painted by this Author.


Jack Oliveira

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