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Sorrow, Heartbreak, Defeat, Grief, Sex, Healing, Renewal

Journeying Through Grief, Confusion, Heartbreak and Hope
by Danae K Froese

more than a personal journey—it is an offering, from author to reader, of an uncensored, emotional connection and hope.

Within-land will be of interest to adults, aged 16 years and older, who are struggling with real or perceived isolation, as well as people who have lost someone dear to them. People going through a difficult time and looking for inspiration through poetry may particularly find solace in this book.

Danae Froese says she was born a thinker and a writer. Writing has been a part of her life since she was young.

In her writing, Danae’s intention is to give people a sense of connection and hope.

Within-land is Danae’s first published book.

She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with her cat, Jiji.


Danae K Froese
Callen Froese

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