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Eating disorder, Nutrition, Nutritional deficiencies, Medical, Mental health, Treatment, Recovery

Answers to Anorexia
Master the Balance of Hope & Healing
by James Greenblatt, Ali Nakip, MD and Jennifer C. Dimino, MS

Anorexia nervosa is a life-threatening disorder associated with high rates of relapse and ineffective therapeutic models. Conventional treatments overlook the biological consequences of self-starvation – consequences that impact brain function, cognition, and behavior.

As mainstream medicine continues to ignore the proven relationship between

nutrition and mental health, this book delivers lifesaving information. Dr. Greenblatt outlines how to correct nutrient deficiencies and decrease anxiety – the keys to lasting recovery from anorexia.

Answers to Anorexia presents a model of anorexia treatment that prioritizes the correction of nutritional deficiencies. In tandem with other interventions, this model comprises an approach that is comprehensive, cogent, and successful.

“Answers to Anorexia is a long overdue book and an important addition to the library of anyone who treats eating disorders. In fact, this book will also be useful for those suffering and their families. It is easy to read, provides an overview of various treatment modalities, and adds the important new contribution of treating nutritional deficiencies in Anorexia. It is most unfortunate that those who have suffered have been without such a resource for so long.

Used properly, this book is a true game changer.”

— Carolyn Costin. The Carolyn Costin Institute

James Greenblatt, Ali Nakip, MD and Jennifer C. Dimino, MS photo

James M. Greenblatt, MD is a pioneer in the field of functional psychiatry, having treated thousands of patients since 1990. The author of eight books,

Dr. Greenblatt has educated health professionals throughout the United States and internationally on the scientific evidence for functional medicine

in psychiatry. He is Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Medical Services at Walden Behavioral Care, and serves as a member of the clinical faculty at the Tufts University School of Medicine and the Dartmouth College School of Medicine. Please visit to learn more.


James Greenblatt
Ali Nakip, MD
Jennifer C. Dimino, MS

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