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Just A Reminder
40 Things Every Teenage Girl Needs to Know Before She Becomes an Adult
by Divine D.

“Being a teenage girl is hard in today’s society.” This is the message Divine D. has heard from her students. One student told Divine, “If only there was a book on how to be a teenage, it would make my life easier!” So Divine decided to do just that for her students. By using her twenty years in the field of education, personal life experiences and wealth of knowledge that came from her 46 years on this earth, she wrote 40 Things Every Teenage Girl Needs to Know Before She Becomes an Adult. This book is a wonderful gift for any teenage girl. It has a very positive message that would benefit teenagers going through difficulties or just needing a little reminder of how wonderful they are. Divine uses her expertise as a Catholic school administrator, to bring a Christian twist to all of life’s adventures and bumps in the road. Each chapter ends with a song recommendation message to listen to. One of Divine’s students named the book, Just a Reminder, because all girls need a reminder of how wonderfully awesome they have been made even in times when they forget. In the hopes of improving girls mental health, this is a joyful, happy and positive book sharing delightful and inspiring stories of life in the hopes of making girls lives easier. Believe in yourselves, Girls! With sections including: Mental Health and Well-Being, Body Image and Self-Esteem, Building Foundational Skills for Your Future, Taboo Topics and Getting Help, and Finding Joy in Your Daily Life, teenage girls will be inspired to go out and live their dreams.

a sweeping, comprehensive series of

instructions and encouragements directed at young girls on the brink of adulthood ... the work’s general tone of wise encouragement will provide the most lasting impression.

—Kirkus Reviews

Divine D. is passionate about her family, travel, education, writing, photography,

helping others, sporting events, concerts and country music. Divine hopes to teach children empathy, the ability to see another person’s perspective and feel what they are going through, by reading her stories. She spends time every year going on mission trips to give back. Her positive attitude and contagious energy for life make her a delightful motivational speaker for teenage girls and children. Divine has received her Masters of Science in Educational Leadership and finds joy in the vocation of working with children and young adults every day.


Divine D.

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