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Yukon Horses, Elisabeth Weigand, Outdoor Adventures, Canadian Wilderness, Friendship, Kluane National Park, Mabel Brewster

Scatter my Ashes in the Fields Up Top
Remembering Mabel Brewster, an amazing lady as wild and true as Canada’s North
by Elisabeth Weigand

Restless with wanderlust and anxious for adventure, a big-city Frankfurt woman’s life is forever changed when she encounters a completely different world—one of teeming nature, landscaped vistas, communion with animals, and the free human spirit—in the wild backcountry of the Yukon. There she meets local icon Mabel Brewster, owner of the nearby equine stable, who is notorious for her extensive knowledge of the land, her stubborn grit and self-sufficiency, and her uncanny rapport with horses. A series of breathtaking journeys, perilous adventures, and illuminating life lessons transform these unlikely friends into spiritually bonded soul sisters, whose love withstands the test of twenty-two adventurous years and will forever reverberate in the untamed heart of the majestic North.

Elisabeth Weigand lovingly pens a heart-wrenching tribute to the life of Mabel Brewster (1935-2015), whom she met upon her immigration to Canada’s Yukon Territory in 1993. Through a stunning retelling of her life in the remote north that is at once spellbinding, light-hearted, beautiful, and heartbreaking, the reader is transported to the last untamed frontier— where raw nature reigns supreme and true friendship never dies.

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Born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany, Elisabeth Weigand’s wild and passionate spirit drew her to the wild and passionate land of Haines Junction in Canada’s Yukon in 1993. An avid adventurer who practices traditional forms of hunting, trapping, and gathering, Weigand has committed the past decades of her life to sharing her passions for the outdoors, nature, and animals with others as a professional wilderness tour and adventure guide.

Another passion—writing—led her to begin The YukonWild Series, a collection of memoirs and travelogue novels that recount her stunning journeys through some of the most raw and remote places in Canada’s northern country.

Elisabeth Weigand is the owner and operator of Black Bear Wilderness Adventures Inc., a Yukon tourism company that offers trips and tours, remote cabin rentals, transportation, and more. She lives outside Whitehorse on a rural property with her two horses, Amigo and Morgan, and her female husky, Stella. Learn more about Elisabeth Weigand, The YukonWild Series, and what the Yukon has to offer at


Elisabeth Weigand

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