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Frankie the Ferret
by Kimberley Paterson

Do you have a pet? Maybe a dog, or a cat, or a gold fish? Lots of people do, but not many people have a pet like Frankie the Ferret. A lovable, mischievous, and comical little fellow, Frankie fills his family home with love and laughter, and his family wants to share that with you!

Do you want to meet him? Then let’s go!

Years ago, as first-time author Kimberley Paterson’s children grew up and became more active outside the family home, from which she worked, she took over the care of their pets. She formed a particular bond with Frankie the Ferret, who never stopped amusing her with his antics. With this book, she hopes to give young children the chance to get to know and love her special, furry little friend.

Kimberley lives in Claremont, Ontario with her husband, Doug, a chocolate Lab named Molly, and two cats, Kitty and Tobey. She enjoys spending time with them all, as well as her mother and her two grown children, their spouses, and four grandchildren.


Kimberley Paterson

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